You are closer to achieving The Power of One™

This is our plan to power up your business – a collaborated contact system, to deliver effective design, and coordinated power support for your project needs.

Our components are pre-integrated, designed and built to work together, resulting in smaller equipment footprints, reduced installation time and higher system reliability. That’s The Power of One™.

Whatever your needs, we match you with the right power solutions, and at the right costs.

Wherever you are, we are within reach to lend comprehensive aftersales parts and technical support for worry-free maintenance.

Whenever you need to, we are contactable with a service network of more than 5,200 service points, in 190 countries, and round the clock.

With Cummins Power Generation, you only need to rely on one source to bring multiple benefits to you and your business. Trust and engage The Power of One™ today.